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Practice Exams: Transcender vs. SelfTest vs. MeasureUp

Since I have been working on my certifications, I have bought several practice exam software packages. To expand my options, I bought a copy of the 70-448 practice exam from SelfTest last fall and have gotten pretty used to the questions. Since I’m still needing to work on the SSAS portions of the exam I decided to buy the same practice exam from Transcender. As I started the exam I noticed the questions were very familiar. Finally I realized they were exactly the same. Word for word. Question for Question. Answer for Answer.

According to the license I can’t reveal their questions or content, so trust me most of the questions are exactly the same.

I called and got a refund for Transcender, the latter purchase.  The customer service rep was very courteous and explained that both companies are owned by the same corporation and have the same developer.  They certainly don’t disclose the shared content up front on their websites.  She said MeasureUp is not related and should have different content.  She also pointed out that they all have different pass guarantee policies since they are aimed at different users.

Product Review for exam 70-448:

  • Kaplan SelfTest Practice Exam has 155 questions, 210 flash cards, 90 day pass guarantee (fail twice)
  • Transcender Practice Exam has 172 questions, 234 flash cards,  6 month pass guarantee (fail once)
  • MeasureUp Practice Exam has 150 questions, study guide, 90 day pass guarantee (fail twice)

I did not list prices since they vary month to month based on specials.  If you are studying for certifications, I hope this helps shed light on the practice exam software options.

Acknowledgements: Transcender is a copyright of Kaplan IT, Inc.
Kaplan and SelfTest is copyright of Kaplan, Inc. also. 
MeasureUp is copyright of MeasureUp, LLC.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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