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SQL 2012 Study Materials

This started as my personal list of study materials, but it bears sharing.  I got started studying as I studied for the new SQL 2012 Beta Exams.  You might still get a slot to try out the exams for free over at the Born to Learn blog  Once you choose an exam, follow their link to see the specifics about the exam.  Be sure to click on the ‘Skills Measured’ tab.  That will show what percent of the test covers different areas.

Be sure to take a look at the planned certification paths for SQL 2012.  The paths have changed since 2008 and seem to allow more specialization.

Next, since all of these tests are on SQL 2012, you need to go get the free e-book from Microsoft Press.     For the exam I took, I used the ‘skills measured’ to focus on just three of the chapters.

Now that you’ve found a test and read the new book, you need to practice.  Here you have a few options.

1.  You can download SQL 2012, install it and practice.

1.1  Read about the versions and download a trial here:

1.2 Go get the famous ‘Adventure Works’ sample databases and install them.

1.3 Once you have your own install and the samples, there are some good tutorials published to help you work with new features.



2. Head over to the free learning labs and practice on Microsoft’s Virtual Labs.  I like this option because I’m up and practicing in just a few minutes.  This is especially true for labs like SQL 142, AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  In that lab, you get 5 SQL server VM’s plus a domain controller.  I personally don’t have time to spin up 6 servers but this lab makes it easy to practice availability at that level.  I will warn you these labs are time limited to about 150 minutes, so plan your study time when you can focus on getting through the lesson.

Hope this helps with some basic study materials.  -Allen









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