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Syncronize Reports across SSRS Servers

At SQL Saturday #125 someone asked me for a quick way to push a report out to multiple Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) servers.

At the time I had Visual Studio open for a demo, so my first answer was to use Configuration Manager to store all the server addresses and then Deploy to each stored server.

Here is a screenshot of the Configuration Manager. The TargetServerURL allows you to configure different server address for each configuration.

SSRS 2012 Configuration Manager

Of course as soon as I left the session I thought of two more ways to accomplish the same thing.

First, if you have a lot of reports to synchronize between servers, download ‘Reportsync’ from the Google code project:  This tool makes it easy to synchronize a lot of content quickly across multiple servers.

SSRS Reportsync


Finally, my favorite that I use at most clients is ‘Reporting Services Scripter’ by Jasper Smith at SQL DBA tips.   It allows you to write scripts to move reports, data sources and all other Reporting items.  The handy thing about this tool is that you can download your content to a local foldner, edit the script and then use the scripts to push the content out to as many servers as you need to at the time.
Get it here:

Well, this article is one of those “I should have said…” but I hope this helps better address the issue of synchronizing reports across multiple Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Servers.


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