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SSIS 2012 Parameters vs. 2008R2 Configurations

Update 8/17/2013: The SSIS Project downloads have been updated below.


In this session, Allen Smith, Business Intelligence consultant, compares SSIS Parameters in SQL 2012 to SSIS configurations in SQL 2008R2. The 2008R2 options allowed dynamic configuration across environments.  In SSIS 2012 we review the new dynamic options, including Parameters and Catalogs. This upgrade takes SSIS from simply confusing to downright confounding. We will simplify these options so anyone with basic SSIS experience can follow along.

Special thanks to our friends at GDH Consulting for hosting the December meeting of Oklahoma City SQL User Group.

SQL Integration Server developers need to make dynamic changes to properties and connections when moving packages across environments.

‘Configurations’ enabled SQL Integration Services 2008 R2 developers to make those changes, but it could be very confusing when multiple Configurations were used in combination.

SQL Integration Services 2012 maintains support for Configurations while adding a lot of power and versatility with Parameters, Environments and Variables.


Presentation:  SSIS Param VS Config

Visual Studio SSIS Packages:  SIS_Config_Vs_Param

Presentation (Christmas Edition) is still available at Slideshare

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services
by Brian Knight, Erik Veerman, Jessica M. Moss, Mike Davis, Chris Rock
2008R2 – Defining a Configuration Approach
2012 SSIS Parameter Basics
2012 SSIS Catalog Basics and  list of stored procedures

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