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Return on Data – InnoTech Download

Thank you to all who attended today’s ‘Return on Data’ session at the 10th Annual InnoTech in Oklahoma City.

This session helps chart the waters through the sea of options when working with data. IT departments need tools to turn data into useful information for users. Instead of ROI, this session talks about ‘Return on Data’ for IT Managers.

To measure the return on investment (ROI) of a financial instrument we look at the costs of the investment such as transaction costs or annual expenses as well as the total value of the interest and dividends over time. To look at Return on Data, we start with at the various costs of data such as storage, acquisition, cleansing and managing. We measure those costs against the value of the data to the business and how better access could improve sales or lower costs. When we put a time factor to those costs and values then we find an intersect where a data project pays to implement, such as ‘Let’s get next day access to supply chain data to help our lean initiative’.

In this session we look at the skills needed to implement data warehousing, big data and business intelligence in a team setting.

This download includes:
– PDF of the presentation
– PDF of the handout
– Excel workbook for team skills in Big Data and traditional Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence.

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Enjoy the download.

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