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SpotFire for Data Analytics

I recently completed a rollout for a major energy company using SpotFire for data analytics from multiple data sources.  This is just a quick review of initial impressions.   My career in the corporate tower was short, but out of it came some great experience with a new tool in my data toolbox.  You can download a free trial here:



  • Development environment is very easy to learn
  • Learning portal has lots of great videos to get you started
  • Great choices of visualizations
  • Marking – this is a great feature to allow web users to dynamically select and analyze data on the fly.
  • Caching large amounts of data for responsive analysis


  • Data connection properties are not intuitive.  If you make your connection wrong, you loose some functionality.
  • Joining or unioning multiple data sources is tricky.  I will have more on this in an upcoming article using multiple data sources.
  • Scripting is required to extend the capabilities of any of the standard visualizations.
  • I spent a lot of time getting data into just the right format to get a desired visualization.
  • Does not play well with SSAS cube hierarchies.

Overall, this is a great addition that fits the middle ground above SSRS reporting and pure dashboarding tools.

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