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SQL Saturday #300 Kansas City, MO 2014

This is my second year at SQL Saturday in Kansas City.  I thoroughly enjoy the people and of course the BBQ Crawl.  This year my hands down favorite was Q39.   Of course that’s not what your’e here for, so here is the synopsis and download for the BI Basics session.  This slide deck has been […]

SQL Saturday 309 Downloads

Downloads for SQL Saturday #309 in Oklahoma City are below. Thank you to all who attended. Thanks also to all the sponsors who help make these great events possible for the tech community.     Business Intelligence Basics: Finding Return on Data This session will you chart the waters through the sea of Business Intelligence […]

Tulsa TechFest Presentations

Thank you to all who attended my sessions at Tulsa TechFest. Downloads of each presentation are available.

Speaking Schedule

I’m looking forward to speaking at the following upcoming events. August 15th – Tulsa TechFest,  speaking about Business Intelligence Basics and SQL Server Reporting Services Basics August 23 – SQL Saturday 309 in Oklahoma City, speaking about Business Intelligence Basics and SQL 2014 Columnstore Indexes September 13 – SQL Saturday 300 in Kansas City,  Business Intelligence […]

SQL 2014 ColumnStore Indexes

In this session, we review the difference in ColumnStore indexes, implementing ColumnStore indexes Clustered and Non-Clustered and monitor performance.

How to set OLE DB Source data in SSIS

When preparing data for a Merge Transformation, the data has to be sorted. The database sending the data can sort data faster than SSIS. This works if you already have data sorted in the table or if you use an ORDER BY clause. The IsSorted properties just inform sall the downstream transformations that that data from this data source is coming in already sorted.

SSAS Cube Partition Slice ErrorCode=”3240034361″

f you ever get the following errors when processing cubes, it has to do with the Slicer property at the cube partition level. Error ErrorCode=”3240034361″ Description=”Errors in the OLAP storage engine:
The restrictions imposed on partition slice where violated.” Source=”Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services”

PASS Summit 2013 – A First-timer’s Experience

An overview of PASS Summit 2013 from the eyes of a first timer.

Custom Chart Palettes in SSRS

This article is a follow up to the Cognos article on creating a custom color palette.  Custom palettes are pretty common when companies start to standardize their corporate image across all company communications. Make a copy of your report template. Name it ‘MyCorp Chart Report’ In the report area, add a chart Right-Click the chart […]

Customized SSRS reporting template.

Large reporting projects can be simplified with a good template as a starting point. Design templates can store the company header with logo, company color palette, font preference and layout.

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