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How to set OLE DB Source data in SSIS

When preparing data for a Merge Transformation, the data has to be sorted. The database sending the data can sort data faster than SSIS. This works if you already have data sorted in the table or if you use an ORDER BY clause. The IsSorted properties just inform sall the downstream transformations that that data from this data source is coming in already sorted.

SSIS 2012 Parameters vs. 2008R2 Configurations

In this session, SQL Santa (Allen) will review configurations in SQL 2008R2. These options allowed dynamic configuration across environments. Next, we look at SSIS 2012 and the new dynamic options, including Parameters, Expressions and Variables.

SQL Rally 2012 BI Track Highlights

PASS SQL Rally in Dallas, TX had some great speakers. Here is my list of some great sessions on the business intelligence track of the conference.

Learning the Microsoft BI Stack: SSRS

I’ve been learning and working with IBM Cognos since it arrived on my desk in 1999.  It was an ugly brown box labeled Cognos 5.5.  Since then I’ve studied and learned 6.x then 7.x and finally made the painful transition to 8.x. Now I’m studying both the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack (SSAS, SSIS and SSRS) […]

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