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“Every company has data, we help you use it.”

After working with people at all levels of companies, here are a few areas we can help you access and use your data.

Recent Business Intelligence Projects:

  • Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma – Building a claims data mart for thousands of pharmacies nationwide.
  • Sonic  – Analyzing data from over 3,600 drive-in restaurants.
  • GE Oil & Gas, Electric Submersible Pump Division.  Global general ledger consolidation and supply chain visibility project with Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence.
  • McJunkin Redman, Oilfield Pipe, Valve and Fittings Company – IBM Cognos mentoring and tuning.
  • Southwestern Energy – Report conversion project from Business Objects to IBM Cognos.
  • Medical Industry – Eight years experience with imaging centers, physician practices and surgical hospitals.  Projects included data warehouse and reporting projects with IDX, NextGen, GE Centricity and other data sources.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence or ‘BI’, is the broad category of skills, technologies, applications,  security issues and practices used to provide access to data to help users make better business decisions.  Business Intelligence ‘systems’ assist in analyzing, presenting and reporting a company’s data in meaningful, usable forms.  We like to say it is turning ‘data’, the 1’s and 0’s, into useful, actionable ‘information’.

Recent Business Intelligence projects include several oil & gas companies, restaurant chain management, physician practices, surgery centers, property and casualty insurance.

Business Intelligence systems assist users at every level of a company get easy access to the data they need to make data driven decisions.  Every company has data, we help you use it.

Who uses Business Intelligence? Executives Managers Supervisors

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing is the term commonly applied to company efforts at bringing disparate datasources into a central repository for easier reporting and analysis.  Data Marts are similar, but are focused on a particular process or area of the business.   In order to build a BI system, companies often first build a data mart or data warehouse.

Cognitive Information can help with all stages of your data warehouse or data mart project, from requirements gathering to building and testing the final warehouse.  Cognitive Information has the project management experience to keep your project on time and on budget.

Data Warehousing services help client companies bring their data together from multiple sources or systems.  Data needs change with the size of the company.  For example, a small company may just have two or three databases they need to pull together while a multi-national corporation may have data around the world.  A recent oil & gas customer needed to bring together general ledgers from 17 global regions for a unified view of their finances.  They also needed a better view into their supply chain to see where their $500 Million worth of ‘stuff” was around the world.

SQL Server

We have been working with Microsoft SQL Server since the 1990’s and now teache SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence classes.  We can provide design, installation and administration services.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Integration Services is a great way to move data when you need to do Extract, Transformation and Loading (ETL) on data for your data warehouse or reporting and analysis project.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Cubes!  Multi-dimensional analysis literally adds a new dimension to your ability to analyze your data.  Yes, we do Tabular Models too, but they are not as much fun as Rubik’s cubes!

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

These are the lifeline for a lot of businesses.  While executives ask for a cool dashboard that looks great on their iPad, the managers on the front line of business usually need operational reports.

SQL Server to SharePoint Integration

SharePoint provides a great platform for sharing data in your company.  It can be used to share lists, cubes, reports and interactive data presentations.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos has been a leader in Business Intelligence for over a decade.  We’ve worked with it since the 90’s and can provide Administration and Development services.



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