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SSRS Data Driven Subscription Troubleshooting

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 R2 will only allow data driven subscriptions under certain conditions, including data source security and server configuration options. SSRS Subscriptions always work great and easy in the demos and training classes. The following is the list of requirements to actually get them to work with in a data driven environment.

SSRS Adding “Image Not Available” as Alternate Image

I just had a requirement to build a report which had images stored in the database and show a ‘not available’ image when data was not available. This method uses stacked image objects and the visibility properties.

Using SQL to Build MDX parameters

I had a client report which needed a parameter list to default to the previous closed financial period date. The SSAS cube includes reporting periods into the future which have data entries even if the month has not been ‘closed’ by accounting department. Without a ‘Month Closed’ flag in the cube, the only way to […]

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